Intended purpose of the product - Lykon platform

The Lykon platform is an online based application that gives the customer the possibility to view laboratory parameter values. Alongside the visualization of these laboratory diagnostic parameters, the customer also receives recommendations for action based on the results of the individual laboratory values with the aim of supporting him in improving his personal sporting and general health goals and well-being through general lifestyle-related interventions such as dietary adjustments. 

In addition, reports on some laboratory values and their recommendations - e.g. on the possibility of achieving the client's general health goals and recommendations for adjusting and changing their diet with a view to increasing their well-being - are prepared graphically and visually directly by the responsible laboratory and made available to the client for viewing on the platform. 

The Lykon platform cannot replace professional medical advice, treatment and diagnosis by a licensed physician or professional nutritional advice. The Platform is not intended as a substitute for customers seeking emergency medical service, actual medical diagnosis or advice from a doctor. Lykon points out on the platform in a clearly visible and explicit manner to the customer that all services offered with regard to health and lifestyle advice are only a non-medical supplement.