Health Coach 360°

This at-home test analyses and shows you how to optimise 11 blood values which are important for your mental performance, physical performance, fitness, energy and overall health.

    • Laboratory analyses of your blood values
    • Health Coach App 360° with your results and personalised recommendations, with the ability to track your progress
    • Laboratory analyses of your blood values
    • Health Coach App 360° with your results and personalised recommendations, with the ability to track your progress
    • A new test sent to your home every 3 months, resulting in adjusted recommendations
    • 30 minutes consulting with our Nutritionists to fine-tune your nutrition to your likes and restrictions

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a simple to understand dashboard with your blood results explained in easy to understand results
a simple to understand dashboard with your blood results explained in easy to understand results
personalised recommendations based on your goal, ranging from diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplements
personalised recommendations based on your goal, ranging from diet, exercise, lifestyle and supplements
a tracking and reminder system to keep you motivated and improving your values
a tracking and reminder system to keep you motivated and improving your values

What's tested?


Bone & Muscle

Metabolism & Energy





Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Biomarkers for cholesterol and triglycerides are indicators of the long-term risk for developing diseases such as heart attack and stroke. A healthy blood lipid profile is important for cardiovascular health, and reflect diet, exercise and various lifestyle choices.

Biomarkers tested by Health Coach 360°

  • LDL-Cholesterol
  • HDL-Cholesterol
  • t-Cholesterol
  • Triglyceride

LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is a particle that transports cholesterol in the blood, and cholesterol is needed for building cells. LDL-cholesterol is referred to as "bad" cholesterol since in excess it can build up in the walls of arteries and increase the risk of heart disease.

HDL (high-density lipoprotein) brings excess cholesterol in the blood and organs back to the liver, where it can be recycled. Good HDL-cholesterol levels reflect your healthy lifestyle choices in diet and fitness.

Cholesterol plays a vital role as a component of every cell in your body and a building block of many hormones. Normal cholesterol levels are important for energy levels, metabolism and heart and blood vessel health. "t" refers to total measured cholesterol, and high levels put you at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Your body stores much of its energy as triglyceride and breaks it down again for energy. Triglyceride levels show the state of your energy stores, and high levels are a good sign that you should change your calorie intake.

Bone & Muscle


Your bone and muscle health is important for your strength, endurance and reduced risk of fracture or injury. Your hormones and diet are crucial for developing muscle strength and maintaining strong bones. Your bones and muscle require more care with age, since hormone production and nutrient absorption decreases in both men and women.

Biomarkers tested by Health Coach 360°

  • Testosterone
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium

Testosterone is a hormone, essential for reproduction and growth. It regulates muscle mass and strength, and enhances your exercise performance and energy level. Poor testosterone levels can increase body fat, decrease bone density and impact libido.

Vitamin D is vital for your bone health, and regulates your body's use of calcium and phosphate. Low vitamin D levels can impact your brain, pancreas, insulin production, muscles, cardiovascular system, energy levels and immune system.

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in your body. You need it for proper nerve and muscle function, to regulate blood pressure and heartbeat, and maintain bone strength. A magnesium deficiency can affect your hair and skin, and testosterone production.

Metabolism & Energy


Metabolism refers to the collection of reactions that the cells in our bodies perform to stay alive. It is the way our bodies consume oxygen and nutrients. Sleep, diet and exercise affect your metabolism, and it is especially important for your energy levels and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Biomarkers tested by Health Coach 360°

  • Cortisol
  • Ferritin

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and it increases your available energy to deal with a stressful situation. However, a stressful lifestyle leads to persistently high cortisol levels which can cause burnout, poor sleep, weight gain or muscle loss.

Ferritin levels reflect your body's iron storage. Iron is important for many of your body's enyzmes, and especially for oxygen transport. Low iron may lead to low energy, weakness, reduced performance and concentration.



A sharp brain requires adequate nutrition, for optimal cognitive performance and improved mood. Nutrient deficiency increases the risk of neurological conditions. The elderly are more sensitive to nutrient deficiency, and are at higher risk to these conditions.

Biomarkers tested by Health Coach 360°

  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 (or cobalamin) is naturally found in animal products and is essential for your metabolism. Optimal vitamin B12 is important for a healthy nervous system and a deficiency could lead to apathy, depression and poor cognitive performance.



Inflammation is your immune system's response to irritation or infection. Inflammation occurs because our bodies are trying to set repair processes in motion so that promote healing. Inflammation is extremely wide-ranged and appears in a variety of forms. However, increased levels of inflammation over extended periods of time is linked to an increase in cardiovascular disease risk.

Biomarkers tested by Health Coach 360°

  • hs-CRP

C-reactive protein (CRP) is produced in the body in response to inflammation, i.e. tissue injury or infection. High-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) measures chronic, low-level inflammation and high levels are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease

Science partners

Dr. Fooke Laboratorien GmbH
MRI Max Rubner-Institut
Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

Frequently asked questions


I have canceled my agreement, how do I get a refund?
If you withdraw from this agreement, we will refund all payments that we received from you, including shipping costs (except for additional costs that may arise if you choose a method of shipment other than the most cost-efficient standard method that we offer), without delay, at the latest within fourteen days from the day we received the notification of your withdrawal from this agreement. For this refund, we will use the same payment method you used in the original transaction unless it was expressly agreed otherwise; in no case will you be charged a fee for this refund.
What happens if the test is lost in transit?
On its way to you, we can track your parcel via DHL parcel tracking and tell you exactly where your parcel is. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong and your parcel is lost, we will get in touch with you and send you a replacement.
Which payment methods are available at Lykon?
You can choose to pay using PayPal (single purchase only) or credit card.


What is the difference between the Free and Paid blood values?
Both the Free and Paid versions of the HealthCoach 360° provide you with personalised habits to improve your biomarker levels and overall health. The Paid version includes analysis of your blood biomarkers by a certified clinical lab; we send you an at-home testkit complete with detailed instructions to collect and send a blood sample at your convenience, and shortly after the biomarker results are available through the HealthCoach 360° app. Your habit recommendations are based on your most recent biomarker results, but your past results will always be accessible in the HealthCoach 360°. The Free version is similar to the Paid version, but instead of analysing a sample of your blood, we estimate your risk of having biomarker levels outside of the normal ranges with a questionnaire. The questionnaire asks about your diet, fitness and lifestyle to personalise habit recommendations, but only with a blood test can we be certain about your biomarker levels.
How can I benefit from the recommended habits?
We took great care making sure we recommend habits that have the highest impact in your higher risk biomarker values, as well as contributing more to reach your defined goal. On top, we take into account your existing habits, so that the intensity we recommend is adjusted for you to succeed and reach the optimal values as soon as possible.
My recommended habits have changed after adding my test id - why?
The most recent test will update your recommendations, as our goal is to continuously provide you with the most effective habits to improve your biomarker results. If your test results are not yet available at the date of adding the test, the most recent recommendations and tracked habits will remain valid until overruled by the update.


What does my testkit contain?
In your test kit, there are identification code stickers, alcohol wipes, gauze, bandages, safety lancets, an aluminum bag, a transport tube, and a collection tube, as well as detailed instructions.
How much blood is required for a sample?
The exact amount of blood that must be taken depends on the particular test. Nevertheless, for all of our products, less than a milliliter of blood is needed, which is why a small prick with the safety lancet is completely sufficient.
Why do I need to bring my completed test to the post office on the same day?
As the blood samples have a limited shelf life, they need to be sent to our laboratories with haste. Please bring them to the post office counter directly. This is because the samples could be exposed to varying temperature changes when left outside in a mailbox, which could render the sample unusable.
How is the blood drawn?
Taking blood for our tests is done with the help of a safety lancet (a small pricking instrument). It feels similar to pricking your finger with a safety pin. The blood sample is taken from the fingertip.
If I am not getting enough blood from my finger, what can I do?
To ensure that enough blood is collected, you can try the following: hold your arm and hand under warm water before taking blood, cross your arm, or massage your palm. If you are still unable to get enough blood for the blood sample, you can treat your finger and take blood for the sample from another finger using the second safety lancet (in our larger tests we actually deliver three safety lancets).
Do I need someone to take my blood or can I do it myself?
To take a blood sample for our tests, a second party is not required as it can be easily done using two hands. However, if you do not like the sight of blood or you cannot bring yourself to prick your own finger, you can always ask someone else for help.
Do I have to put a syringe in my arm?
No, taking blood for our tests is done with the help of a safety lancet (a small pricking instrument). It is similar to pricking your finger with a safety pin. The blood sample is taken from the fingertip.
Who should take this test?
We recommend this test for:
- Fitness enthusiasts
- Health-conscious people interested in prevention
- Those who want to know which supplements are right for them
- Those for whom balanced, individually optimised nutrition is important
What symptoms does it address?
Non-optimal blood biomarker levels can affect people in different ways. Some symptoms that may results from conditions associated with non-optimal levels or deficiencies include:
- abdominal weight gain
- fatigue, weakness
- reduced physical performance
- depression
- reduced libido
- loss of appetite
- disease risk
How does it work?
After your test kit arrives in the mail - around 2-3 days after completing your order - you'll take a few drops of blood from your fingertip and send us the sample in a postage pre-paid envelope. When our certified lab partner has completed the analysis - around 2 weeks - you'll receive an email with a link to a profile with your results. In your profile, you'll also find personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
What does it test?
We analyse your blood values and determine whether your values are in their optimal ranges. Having values in these optimal ranges is the key to reaching peak health and performance. If a value is not optimal, we provide concrete nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to get you where your body needs to be.
What kind of results and recommendations will I get?
Our science team - consisting of molecular biologists, nutrition scientists, and doctors - maintains world-class algorithms for nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your blood values. Our recommendation engine delivers you the specific recommendations needed to improve your blood values and, more importantly, your health.


How long does the evaluation of my test take?
The evaluation normally takes 5 working days.
How accurate is my data - could it get mixed up in the laboratory?
Through the linking of test ID and registration data, it is guaranteed that your data only ever goes to you. This is because you are the only one who has both of these pieces of information and thereby only you can establish a connection between the user, that is, yourself, and the data. The partner laboratories see solely the test ID, purely a sequence of numbers, birthday and sex all blood samples are dispatched and processed anonymously according to this procedure. Your data comes back to us equally anonymous and remains in a ‘closed room’. The linking of the test is your key to identifying this anonymous data as your own and being able to access it.
For how long can my blood be analysed?
Fluid blood does not have an eternal shelf life. Unfortunately it is not possible to answer this question with a simple numerical indication, which is why we always recommend that you mail out your sample as soon as possible, if not immediately. Testing early on in the week is advisable to ensure your sample's prompt arrival at our laboratories, so that samples don't arrive over the weekend.


Will I receive therapy recommendations?
Lykon does not provide any therapy recommendations. We provide you with actionable recommendations based on your calculated blood levels. These are intended to help you to improve your well-being and performance.
Can I see other test results on the HealthCoach 360° dashboard?
No, at the moment the HealthCoach 360° displays exclusively HealthCoach 360° test results. These cannot be exported in pdf format.
Can I see my HealthCoach 360° test results in the desktop Dashboard?
No, at the moment the results of the HealthCoach 360° are exclusively displayed at the HealthCoach 360° app.


I am having trouble with my login - my email and/or password are not recognised and I cannot reset the password. Can you help?
The HealthCoach 360° requires specific credentials unique from the Lykon website. That means you will have to create a new account through the app. You can use the same email address to register in the HealthCoach 360°. Sorry for the inconvenience. On the positive side, your login credentials to access your account on the Lykon website have not been altered. If you have any trouble, please let us know through email to
I have already sent off my blood samples but I have not yet linked my profile to my test ID - can I still do this?
Yes, please do this as quickly as possible, as we are unable to provide you with your results without an existing link.
I have forgotten to add the identification codes provided to my blood samples. Can the samples still be evaluated?
While the samples can still be evaluated, they will not be associated with you and your profile as they are coming to us completely anonymously. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you will have to order another test and add the provided identification codes to your new samples.
What happens to my data and test results and how secure are they?
Lykon is certified by ePrivacy and is completely secure. The ePrivacy seal signifies that Lykon fulfils the highest requirements in terms of digital security. At Lykon, we have no access to encrypted data – you are the only person who can view this through the combination of test ID and registration information. Your data belongs solely to you and is not shared with others under any circumstances.
Can my account be used for the tests of more than one person?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Due to our privacy policy and the sex and age-oriented reference values, each person who takes a test must create a new account and link their test ID with it.
Can I delete my data?
Yes, this is possible. Please contact us via, if you would like to have your data deleted.
I have lost my test ID, what do I do?
If you have already linked your test, everything is in order. If not, we are unfortunately unable to evaluate your test. Your blood sample is anonymous and there is unfortunately no 'spare key' so only you can access your results. If you have lost your test ID, you will have to order another test and link it with your profile by means of the new test ID.


Why is Lykon able to offer blood tests at a lower price?
We specialise in doing blood tests and are able to save costs through direct affiliation with various partner laboratories. This keeps the prices of our tests low.
How can I contact Lykon?
Simply write us an email to
What is Lykon and how does it work?
Lykon is your Health Coach, helping you to improve your health and prevention based on your blood levels. To track the improvement of your blood levels you should repeat the test, after following the recommendations and adapting your lifestyle, in order to check your current values. Order a test kit to be mailed to your house or benefit from our subscription model and have one sent to you every 3 months. Take a few drops of blood from your fingertip and send the sample back to us. When the blood analysis is complete, you will receive an email and be able to view your results in the Health Coach 360° app.
What are Biomarkers?
Biomarkers are parameters that show whether or not processes in the body are running normally and in a healthy manner. These biomarkers include proteins, hormones, genes, metabolites and many more. All substances in the body that can give information about what is happening with a biological process, and also be objectively measured, are considered biomarkers. Given that the biomarkers show how the processes in your body are running, we can use them to create an image of your physical state. By way of a simple blood analysis you therefore know whether you are e.g. taking in enough trace elements. You are able to prevent certain illnesses and optimise your diet and lifestyle for you.


Can I show my doctor the results?
You may discuss your results with your doctor if you wish - additional comprehensive treatment by a trusted doctor is of course possible. Please bear in mind you are responsible for the disclaiming of the results and Lykon will no longer be responsible if you share them.
What makes a Lykon blood test different from a doctor's test? is the advice from Lykon a substitute for a medical consultation?
Lykon is not a substitute for a doctor's appointment. The small and large blood counts carried out by a doctor are strongly recommended for acute medical complaints. In addition to the clinical blood levels examined by the doctor, a multitude of other parameters exist in the body that are important for your health which are not included in a blood count collected by the doctor. The Lykon blood tests therefore measure, for example, vitamin levels, and your mineral levels. Our recommendations for action, which we develop with experts personally for you, do not replace medical advice, but should rather help you to optimise your personal values such as your vitamin balance.


How is Lykon classified in the current health system?
It is our objective to allow people to have more control over their health and well-being. In Germany, we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, this system is designed to be used when you have very specific symptoms. Prevention and precautions are just as important – this is where Lykon helps. With our tests, you can determine your values, which are responsible for your well-being, personal fitness, and performance. You can find out exactly which values you can optimise in order to achieve your personal goals.
Does my health insurance cover the cost of a Lykon self-test?
No, at this point the costs of a Lykon self-test are not yet covered by health insurance companies, but we are working on this. In the meantime, however, you are welcome to check with your health insurance company so that they know that there is a demand for cost coverage.
I have a blood-borne disease (i.e. Hepatitis C / HIV) - can I still take the test?
No, unfortunately not, as there is currently no way to mark your sample. In this case, we would kindly ask you to speak with your general practitioner.
I am taking medication, will this influence the results of the blood analysis?
In principle, medication that is ingested (like antibiotics) can influence certain biomarker values during the period of administration. If this is the case, we recommend that you do not take the test until the medication has been discontinued, so that truly informative results can be obtained. If you have been taking medication on a daily or regular basis over a longer period of time and are unsure as to whether these could influence your biomarker values, get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help you further.