myEnergy for Men

This convenient at-home test analyses and optimises 6 key blood values for men, which influence your body's energy level, ability to form muscle, mood, weight, and sex drive.

  • Laboratory analysis of your blood values
  • Easy-to-understand test results
  • Nutrition recommendations based on your results

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: I was constantly feeling run down and lethargic, and wasn't able to pinpoint why. This test finally shed light on what I needed to change, and I was able to finally fix things.

Optimize your
—Mental performance
—Muscle growth

I was constantly feeling run down and lethargic, and wasn't able to pinpoint why. This test finally shed light on what I needed to change, and I was able to finally fix things.
Roman (38, engineer)
I was constantly feeling run down and lethargic, and wasn't able to pinpoint why. This test finally shed light on what I needed to change, and I was able to finally fix things.
Roman (38, engineer)

Why your blood is amazing

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What's tested?

Metabolism & Energy

Bone & Muscle


Metabolism & Energy


Metabolism refers to the collection of reactions that the cells in our bodies perform to stay alive. It is the way our bodies consume oxygen and nutrients. Sleep, diet and exercise affect your metabolism, and it is especially important for your energy levels and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Biomarkers tested by myEnergy for Men

  • Cortisol
  • Ferritin

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and it increases your available energy to deal with a stressful situation. However, a stressful lifestyle leads to persistently high cortisol levels which can cause burnout, poor sleep, weight gain or muscle loss.

Ferritin levels reflect your body's iron storage. Iron is important for many of your body's enyzmes, and especially for oxygen transport. Low iron may lead to low energy, weakness, reduced performance and concentration.

Bone & Muscle


Your bone and muscle health is important for your strength, endurance and reduced risk of fracture or injury. Your hormones and diet are crucial for developing muscle strength and maintaining strong bones. Your bones and muscle require more care with age, since hormone production and nutrient absorption decreases in both men and women.

Biomarkers tested by myEnergy for Men

  • Testosterone
  • DHEA
  • Vitamin D

Testosterone is a hormone, essential for reproduction and growth. It regulates muscle mass and strength, and enhances your exercise performance and energy level. Poor testosterone levels can increase body fat, decrease bone density and impact libido.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone that gets converted to testosterone and estrogen. Healthy DHEA levels help decrease inflammation, and improve insulin sensitivity, bone metabolism, muscle strength and body composition.

Vitamin D is vital for your bone health, and regulates your body's use of calcium and phosphate. Low vitamin D levels can impact your brain, pancreas, insulin production, muscles, cardiovascular system, energy levels and immune system.



A sharp brain requires adequate nutrition, for optimal cognitive performance and improved mood. Nutrient deficiency increases the risk of neurological conditions. The elderly are more sensitive to nutrient deficiency, and are at higher risk to these conditions.

Biomarkers tested by myEnergy for Men

  • Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 (or cobalamin) is naturally found in animal products and is essential for your metabolism. Optimal vitamin B12 is important for a healthy nervous system and a deficiency could lead to apathy, depression and poor cognitive performance.

Science partners

Dr. Fooke Laboratorien GmbH
MRI Max Rubner-Institut
Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

Frequently asked questions

Who should take this test?
We recommend this test for:
- Men who want to maximize their mental fitness and long-term health
- Men for whom a balanced diet, personalized to their needs, is important
- Men who want to take charge of their health and proactively prevent illness
- Men who want to stay healthy and happy over the long run
- Those who are tired of blindly taking supplements without being sure they're right for their body.
What symptoms does it address?
Common indicators of non-optimal levels and deficiencies of the blood values covered by this test include:
- loss of energy
- increased susceptibility to infection
- lower motivation
- reduced sex drive and potency problems
- reduced performance
- difficulty building muscle
- loss of muscle mass
- increase in fatty tissue
- sleep disturbance
- memory problems
How does it work?
After your test kit arrives in the mail - around 2-3 days after completing your order - you'll take a few drops of blood from your fingertip and send us the sample in a postage pre-paid envelope. When our certified lab partner has completed the analysis - around 2 weeks - you'll receive an email with a link to a profile with your results. In your profile, you'll also find personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
What does it test?
We analyse your blood values and determine whether your values are in their optimal ranges. Having values in these optimal ranges is the key to reaching peak health and performance. If a value is not optimal, we provide concrete nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to get you where your body needs to be. 
What kind of results and recommendations will I get?
Our science team - consisting of molecular biologists, nutrition scientists, and doctors - maintains world-class algorithms for nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your blood values. Our recommendation engine delivers you the specific recommendations needed to improve your blood values and, more importantly, your health.
Why should healthy people do a blood test?
Blood values are not only important for early detection and prevention of risk factors and health problems. They can also show unexpected and less obvious deficiencies affecting performance and quality of daily life. The human body changes as it ages - therefore regular testing of blood values is strongly recommended. 
Why should I pay for a blood test if I can get one for free from the doctor?
Lykon is not a replacement for a visit to the doctor. The blood tests done by your doctor are an absolute necessity for acute problems. However, besides the clinical blood values analysed by your doctor, there are a multitude of other parameters which are crucial for your health but not tested by your doctor. For example, Lykon tests the concentration of vitamins and mineral levels in your blood. Our recommendations - developed by our health experts - can never take the place of a doctor's advice, but can help you improve for instance your vitamin levels. In addition, the doctor compares your blood values with norm values for the population as a whole. As much of the population suffers from various deficiencies, much of the prescriptive power of these tests is lost. Lykon works with medical studies to define the optimal values for you, to help you achieve your maximum. Blood tests with this scope are not offered free of charge by your doctor - of course, there are tests for a more limited range of blood values which are not supported by public health insurance, but are nonetheless available from your doctor.