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Payment and Delivery

I have canceled my agreement, how do I get my payments refunded?

What happens if the test is lost in transit?

Which payment methods are available at Lykon?

Taking the Test

What does my test kit contain?

Is taking a blood sample painful?

How much blood is required for a sample?

Why do I need to bring my completed test to the post office on the same day?

How is the blood drawn?

I am not getting enough blood from my finger - what can I do?

Do I need someone else to take my blood or can I do it myself?

Do I have to put a syringe in my arm?

Processing Your Blood Sample

How long does the evaluation of my test take?

How accurate is my data - could it get mixed up in the laboratory?

For how long can my blood be analysed?

I sent out my nutrition screen test and my biomarker test at the same time, but I have only received the results of the nutrition screen so far. Has my shipment been lost?

Your Test Results

Will I receive therapy recommendations?

How can I see my results?

Can I download my data?

What is the report kit?

Can I re-upload the data I have downloaded later if I take a second test and want to compare both sets of data?

Data Protection and the Online ID

I have already sent off my blood samples but I have not yet linked my profile to my test ID - can I still do this?

I have forgotten to add the identification codes provided to my blood samples. Can the samples still be evaluated?

What happens to my data and test results and how secure are they?

Can my account be used for the tests of more than one person?

Why is the online ID so important?

Can I delete my data?

I have lost my test ID, what do I do?

The "myNutrition 100" Test

What is the myNutrition 100 test?

What is behind the IgG4 testing procedure?

I already know that I have some food sensitivities - how can I input them?

About Lykon

Why is Lykon able to offer blood tests at a lower price?

How can I get one of the Lykon tests?

How can I contact Lykon?

What is Lykon and how does it work?

What are biomarkers?

Lykon and Your Doctor

Can I show my doctor the results?

Why should I take a test with Lykon and not at the doctor's? Do I get these tests for free with my general practitioner?

What makes a Lykon blood test different from a doctor's test? Is the advice from Lykon a substitute for a medical consultation?

Why has my doctor never advised me to take a self-test (like those provided by Lykon)?


How is Lykon classified in the present healthcare system?

Does my health insurance cover the cost of a Lykon self-test?

I have a blood-borne disease (i.e. Hepatitis C / HIV) - can I still take the test?

I am taking medication, will this influence the results of the blood analysis?